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Belgariath, Jan 6, 13 4:09 PM.
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We welcome you to our on line home. Please, check us out. You will find a long and distinguished history of a guild that began when the Everquest was barely out of Beta. We have survived all this time because of a strong membership who believe in our principals.

We have recently concluded an alliance. As we seek to move forward in this game, we will be looking for new and more experienced people to Ally with. All the time, adding more to our ranks. We want to build a fun and inviting guild for you to experience this game.

We will be doing our own events that will include raid and a mission’s night. We will be reducing our raid schedule as we work out the kinks. We are actively recruiting warriors and clerics but welcome all to apply. We want solid individuals who are willing to work together to achieve our goals and understand that to win these events it takes more than two hands at the keyboard, it takes knowledge, levels, gear and game sense. Keepers will help you achieve all of that and more.

So again, WELCOME,


Guild leader of the Finest Guild on the Server

Keepers of the Elements

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